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Heart Disease Risk Factors

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Rose Hill Medical Center

130 Eagle Springs Court, Suite A

Stockbridge, GA 30281


Phone: (770) 507- 2930

Fax: (770) 507- 0837 

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CACI- Non-surgical face and body treatment

Chronic Infections – Viruses / Yeast / Parasites

q         Immune Support / Therapies

q         Botanical / Homeopathic / Biological Therapies

q         State-of-the-art lab Testing

Women’s Health Programs

q         Fertility Enhancement / Prenatal Wellness Programs

q         Natural Female Hormone Replacement

q         Premenstrual Syndrome

q         Osteoporosis – testing / natural therapies

q         Menopause

q         Anti-aging / Prevention / Wellness Programs

Early Cancer Detection

q         Safe Breast Thermography

§         No radiation

§         New infrared technology

q         Tumor Markers

q         RNA skin test

q         Genetic testing

q         Bio-Resonance Testing

q         Electrodermal Testing

CANCER: Complementary and Alternative Medicine

q         Metabolic and Immune Therapies

q         Cancer Research

q         Education

q         Support Groups for patients and caregivers

q         Nutrition classes

q         Metabolic Therapies

§         Nutrition

§         Organic foods / juicing

q        Detoxification Immune Therapies

q  Individualized Metabolic Testing

q  Specialized Breast Cancer Protocol

q  Christian Support Groups

§         Botanicals / Herbs


Cardiovascular Rehabilitation / Chelation Therapy

q         Anti-oxidant and Chelation Therapy

q         Natural / Metabolic Therapy for Cholesterol Disorders

q         Testing for Heart Disease and Risk Factors

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

q         Nutritional Therapies

q         Homeopathy / Naturopathy

q         Botanical Herbs

q         BioEnergetics / Acupuncture

q         Detoxification

q     Colon Hydrotherapy

q     Lymphatic Drainage

Nutritional Counseling / Therapies

q         Dietary Education / Planning

q         Customized Nutritional Supplement Programs

q         Nutritional / Metabolic Testing

Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine

q         Nutrition and Hormone Therapies

q         Customized nutritional supplement programs- based on individual metabolic testing

Pain Management

q     Physical Medicine

q Reflexology

q     Micro Current Technology

q     Medical Massage

q     Detoxification

q Reflexology

Medical Massage / Physical Medicine

q         Massage Therapy

q         Cranio-sacral Therapy

q         Reflexology

q         Aromatherapy

Environmental Toxicity – heavy metals / chemicals / carcinogens

q         Testing

q         Detoxification

q         Chelation Therapy




Medical programs designed to support our natural healing abilities.

Restoring health to life- mind, body, and spirit.






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