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Rose Hill Medical Center

130 Eagle Springs Court, Suite A

Stockbridge, GA 30281


Phone: (770) 507- 2930

Fax: (770) 507- 0837 

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Philosophy of Medicine:

Holistic + Natural Biological Healing


Integrated Biological Medicine is based on natural principles of healing, and utilizes nutrition, detoxification, and natural therapies to restore balance to the whole person- mind, body, and spirit.


Biological Medicine seeds to educate and enable the person to take responsibility for their health.


Biological Medicine recognizes that disease is an imbalance or loss of homeostasis in the body, and symptoms are responses of the body to an imbalance or abnormal internal metabolic environment.



The causes of these imbalances and disease symptoms are related to:

         Nutritional Deficiencies

         Unhealthy Lifestyle and Personal/ Social Relationships

         Environmental and Metabolic Toxins

         Stress, Emotional and Spiritual Neglect



We understand that each person is unique, and we devote the necessary time and resources to:

         Perform a Holistic and Biological Evaluation

         Research Medical, Scientific, Nutritional and Complementary Publications

         Implement a Customized Treatment Plan of Biological/ Natural Therapies


Biological Medicine is able to successfully treat many common disease conditions:

         Chronic Fatigue

         Chronic Pain/ Fibromyalgia

         Depression/ Memory/ Neurological

         Inflammation/ Arthritis

         Intestinal Problems

         Chronic Infections

         Sexual/ Hormonal Dysfunction



Medical programs designed to support our natural healing abilities.

Restoring health to life- mind, body, and spirit.







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