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Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

EDTA Chelation Therapy


Chelation therapy is an intravenous nutritional and detoxification therapy.


Many people who have received chelation report improvement in circulation to the heart, brain, extremities, and any other tissue that may have decreased blood circulation, and improvement in the function of diseased tissue.


The term chelation comes from the word “chelate” which means to claw, bind or grab. In the 1950’s, EDTA chelation was used to treat heavy metal toxicity, such as aluminum and lead. It was observed that patients with circulatory disorders had improved cardiovascular function. It was proposed that EDTA chelation assists in the removal of calcium deposits in the plaque the blocks arteries to the heart, brain, and extremities, and began to be used for treating circulatory disorders.


Over time, physicians who understood the importance of nutrition in health, began to add nutrients to the EDTA infusions. EDTA chelation has developed into an intravenous detoxification and nutritional therapy. The nutrients included are vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, anti-oxidants, and amino acids.


Included in the EDTA chelation protocol are the following:

q         Ascorbic Acid     

q         Vitamin  B6 – Pyridoxine

q         Folic acid

q         Vitamin B-12

q         Potassium

q         Inositol               

q         Bicarbonate buffer

q         Vitamin B5 – Pantothenate

q         Magnesium

q         B complex

q         Taurine 

q         Choline



Goals and Benefits of chelation therapy*


Correction of nutritional deficiencies and improve nutritional status.


Improvement of sugar and fat metabolism.


Improvement of diabetes and cholesterol disorders.


Increased circulation and delivery of oxygen.


Relief of angina and muscle cramps.


Stimulation of the immune system / Natural Killer Cell function.


Improvement of liver and body detoxification process.


Removal of heavy metals.


Alleviation of fatigue and depression.


Increased exercise and cardiac performance / endurance.


*as reported by patients or laboratory testing


Treatment Schedule:

EDTA chelation is administered as an intravenous infusion over approximately 2.5-3 hours. Patients with clinical symptoms of compromised circulation receive treatments once per week for 30 treatments. If symptoms are very severe, then a patient may receive treatments twice per week.


Clinical Results:

We have found chelation therapy to be very helpful to at least 80% of our patients. Patients report improved energy and stamina, resolution or decreased chest pain, shortness breath and leg cramps, enhanced memory and mental outlook, less depression, and improved sleep and sexual function.


Side Effects: usually none.

On occasion patients have had mild allergies and skin rashes. In the past, when chelation was given too frequently or at too high a dose, there was stress put on the kidneys. But when administered according to protocol, chelation therapy is very safe.


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